• Webshop: Can I cancel my order after payment?
    The consumer has the right to inform the supplier that he has decided not to make the purchase, on condition that he/she does so within 14 calender days starting from the day on which the delivery was made, and this without the need to give a reason or to pay any fine or compensation (article 46, secion 2, distance contracts). In this case, you must return the goods to us in their original package. The goods must be unused and undamaged, and the package must be sufficiently stamped. You must always inform us in advance and in writing (by mail to info@halvemaan.be) whenever you intend to return a delivery.

    The cost for returning the delivery will be refunded to you as soon as we receive the package. The return of deliveries is made at teh sender's (i.e. customer's) own risk. Arrangements for the exchange or refund of the returned delivery will be made as quickly as possible.

    Please note: the return of deliveries that are not notified to us in advance will not be credited to the customer. If there is no good reason for us to accept a returned package, it will be stored at the customer's own expense and risk.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Ideal. We do not accept American Express. 
  • Do you produce glutenfree beers?
    Our beers and housewines are not glutenfree. 
  • Does the brewery contribute to a sustainable climate?
    We try to do our part! Our unique pipeline has been a fact since 16th September 2016. Our beer travels over a distance of 3.2 kilometers from the brewery in the centre of the city to the bottling plant. This unique way of transport wasn't just installed to avoid using large tracks in the city centre and to reduce our carbon footprint but also to maintain production where it has been (and where it belongs) all those years, the brewery has been located on Walplein for more than 160 years.  

    We also pay close attention to our energy use. We re-use energy for example by collecting warm water. We try to keep our waste to a minimum as well, by trying our best not to waste food as well as limiting packaging. 
  • Can I purchase beer after my tour?
    In our giftshop you can find souvenirs and beer!
  • Can I buy beer on the webshop? If yes, to which countries do you ship?
    You can purchase gift packages with beer on the website but they are only being shipped within Belgium. 

    If you want to buy separate bottles of beer, you can contact us at info@halvemaan.be to request information on where you can find your beer in your home country/town. 
  • Any other questions?
    Do not hesitate to contact us via email on info@halvemaan.be or by phone at +32 50 44 42 25. 
  • Webshop: To which countries do you ship?
    We ship our products worldwide, except for our beers, we can only send these within Belgium. You can find more information about delivery and fees at "send & return" under the tab "webshop". The fees differ depending on the destination.
  • Webshop: What are your shipping rates?
    All information concerning our shipping rates can be found under "Send & return& in our webshop.
  • Webshop: When will my package be send?
    We try our best to process all orders as soon as possible. The delivery time in the Benelux is 1 to 4 working days. For countries other than Belgium, Luxembourg & Holland it can take up to 7 working days. 
  • Webshop: What should I do if my package hasn't arrived?
    Please contact us by email on info@halvemaan.be or by phone on +32 50 444 225 if your package hasn't arrived. 
  • Webshop: can I exchange or return my purchase?
    You always have the right to return your products within 14 days after receiving your parcel. Please contact our customer service team by email info@halvemaan.be; our team will be happy to help.

    The shopping costs will be reimbursed when we have received the parcel. The product needs to be in its original package, undamaged and unused. The return of deliveries is made at the sende's (i.e. customer's) own risk.
  • Webshop: Is it safe to pay with my credit card?
    To guarantee a safe money transfer, we work with a payment provider called Mollie. Nor the brewery nor others will be able to access your credit card information. Mollie will verify the validity of your card, your card number and the accessibility rights. We receive a confirmation from Mollie once the payment has been processed.  
  • Webshop: I haven't received a confirmation email after paying online. What do I do now?
    If you haven't received a confirmation email within minutes after booking, please check your spam folder. If your confirmation email is not in your spam, please contact us via e-mail at info@halvemaan.be or via phone on +32 50 444 225.
  • Do you organise private tours?
    For groups of 20 people or more we provide a private guide.

    If the group would be smaller than planned on the day of the tour, we are obliged to charge for 20 people, at the group rate of €11 per person. You will of course be served 20 beers!

    To book a private tour, please contact us on
  • How many days/weeks before the booked tour can I cancel without fees?
    You can cancel your booking up to 7 days before the reserved date without fees.
  • Is there free wifi?
    There is wifi at the brewery. You can connect to HalveMaanfreeWifi; no password required.
  • How long does the tour last and where can I taste the beer afterwards?
    The classic tour takes 45 minutes. You can taste your Brugse Zot Blond (or other drink) in the bar afterwards.

    The XL Tour starts with a guided tour which lasts 45 minutes, it is followed by a degustattion of three different beers in the cellar of the brewery. 
  • Can I bring my dog on tour?
    Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on the tour, he/she is welcome in the bar/restaurant.
  • Is the brewery accessible for people in a wheelchair?
    Our terrace and giftshop are easily accessible for people in a wheelchair. To enter our tavern there are 8 steps to take. Our brewery visit is unfortunately not accessible as there are about 220 steps, often steep. The brewery is located in an old building and it isn't always possible to make the necessary changes. 
  • At what time do I need to register in the giftshop?
    It is important to arrive at the reserverd date and time: other tours might be fully booked. We always ask to arrive 10 minutes in advance to ensure that the tour can start on time. For a private tour, a guide is scheduled at a specific time, so we ask you to be present 10 minutes early as well. 
  • Can I take the tour in a different language than the standard languages (Dutch, French, English)?
    In case of a private tour (for groups of 20 people or more), a German speaking guide can be requested in advance. 
  • How much does a brewery visit cost ?
    The price of the classic tour is €12 per person. When purchasing your tickets online, there is a discount and you only pay €11 per person.

    For kids the following rates are applied:Voor kinderen gelden de volgende tarieven:
    0-5 years old: free (no drink included)
    6-12 years old: € 6 per child (softdrink included)
    +12 jaar: € 12 per child (Brugse Zot or softdrink included) 

    The XL tour costs €21 per person.  
  • Are children going on the same tour as adults?
    Children and adults join the same tour.

    We apply the following rates for children:

    0-5 years old: free ( no drink included)
    6-12 years old: 6 euro per child (softdrink included)
  • Is there a possibility to swap the Brugse Zot Blond for a non-alcoholic drink?
    For kids a non-alcoholic drink is included. Adults can also opt for a non-alcoholic beverage instead of a Brugse Zot Blond. 
  • Do you provide meals for people with dietary restrictions (vegatarian, vegan, glutenfree, lactosefree, allergies etc.)?
    The chefs will always do their utmost to serve an adapted dish. Please feel free to speak to our waiters to discuss your dietary restrictions.
  • Can I get a different beer after the tour instead of the Brugse Zot Blond?
    You can change the Brugse Zot Blond to a non-alcoholic drink. However after you have tasted your Brugse Zot Blond, you are more than welcome to try any of our other beers. 
  • Wie kan ik het best raadplegen bij problemen met mijn reservatie?
  • Is there a fee to be paid if the agreed number of persons is not respected?
    Please always inform us of the number of people in advance. If you are not sure, this is not a problem, we will take the number you are sure of. If a person cancels on the day itself, we charge a €5 fee.
  • Where can I park my car?
    The brewery does not have a parking, there are several possibilities closeby:
    - Site Oud Sint-Jan in Zonnekemeers (at 200m from the brewery)
    - Interparking Katelijne in Katelijnestraat (next to Novotel)

    - Interparking Station (10 minutes walking)
  • What can I expect from the brewery tour?
    During your visit you will learn about the old and modern brewing process as well as the history of the brewery. The guide will lead you through the modern brewery and our museum, all the way up to the rooftop where you'll have an amazing panoramic view over Bruges. After the tour, everyone can enjoy a Brugse Zot Blond at the bar. 

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