The story 

At the beginning of this century, our brewery managed to channel 6 generations of family tradition and a bit of Bruges foolishness into a specialty beer. The Brugse Zot was born! 

Xavier Vanneste Brugse Zot Brouwerij De Halve Maan Walplein

The legend of Maximilian 

Brugse Zot, a legendary nickname that we owe to an age-old story. Let's travel back in time. In the 15th century, the people of Bruges had trouble accepting the strict regime of their new ruler, Emperor Maximilian of Austria. There was discontent and the people revolted. When Maximilian came to Bruges in 1488 to suppress the rebellion, the people of Bruges took the emperor as a prisoner. 

When they release him, the emperor takes revenge by banning all festivals and fairs. The citizens refused to let this happen and organised a big party in honour of their sovereign, in order to appease him. They asked the emperor to permit annual fairs again and to build a new ‘zothuis’ (madhouse) in the city. Legend has it that Maximilian replied with the legendary words: "Close all the gates of Bruges and you have a madhouse!”. The nickname for the people of Bruges was born. 

With this authentic beer, we remind the people of Bruges of their rich history in a humorous way. Let's cheers to that! 

Maximiliaan Brugse Zot

The origin 

In 2005 Xavier Vanneste, sixth generation at Brewery De Halve Maan, revived the brewery with the launch of Brugse Zot. The specialty beer was developed according to a unique recipe and brewed respecting family traditions. 

The future of Brewery De Halve Maan was assured as this top-fermenting beer was an immediate success. It was appreciated locally and internationally. Since its launch, it has won several international prizes. Meanwhile we export Brugse Zot to nearly 40 countries. 

Today, Brugse Zot has several variants. There is the tasteful blond, the double , the autumn bock and the non-alcoholic Sportzot. There is something for everyone. Sooner or later, one of the “Brugse Zotten” will know how to charm you in a casual and fun way. 

Xavier Vanneste Veronique Maes Henri Maes Brugse Zot

Live a little crazy 

Our personal motto is to live a little crazy! That's what we stand for. 

To not simply enjoy life, but to enjoy it intensely. Both life’s everyday moments and crazy moments. Don't take life too seriously. Go crazy!   

Let's enjoy it together. Let’s cheers tot that!